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Swift Recovery Solutions offers clarification for behavioral health issues and will assist you on the road to recovery. One of our experienced recovery teams members will answer all the questions and concerns regarding treatment options. Let us take on the burden of figuring out how to deal with your employer, health insurance, treatment options, and logistics of helping you or your loved one get the assistance needed. Taking the guesswork off your hands Swift Recovery Solutions will build the roadmap to recovery for you and navigate you through all the twists and turns.

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You will be linked with a caring individual that has worked with countless others in similar situations. We know that your treatment needs to be tailored to your specific needs and we want you to know that our dedicated counselors have helped thousands just like you or your loved one that is struggling. That experience and knowledge is what sets Swift Recovery Solutions apart, we help educate and elevate our clients.



With so many treatment options locally and around the country figuring out where to go can be overwhelming. Our program has established relationships with top rated and Nationally accredited facilities by undergoing a thorough selection process based on the following factors:

• Nationally Accredited by either Joint Commission or CARF
• High staff to client ratio
• Evidence-based treatment modalities
• Clinical programming
• Luxury living accommodations

Swift Recovery Solutions


If your employees are struggling, don’t let them struggle alone – partner with Swift Recovery Solutions today!


At Swift Recovery Solutions we take care of the logistics so you or your loved one can have the best chance at recovery!

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Intervention Services

There is no one right way to address a loved one who may be suffering from addiction. Often the person suffering from the addiction is not only in denial but is unwilling to listen to their family or loved ones. In situations such as these it may be beneficial to seek the help of an addiction professional. Swift Recovery Solutions has certified interventionists that will to meet with you and your loved one. Your dedicated counselor will work with you to determine if the help of an interventionist may be needed.


Family Medical Leave Act

One of the hardest aspects of dealing with addiction is finding the time to not only identify the solution, but to get time off to handle it. Your dedicated counselor will not only help streamline the paperwork but work hand in hand with your HR department to get you the time you need to get better. The FMLA is protection offered to you that guarantees your job will be held for you while you are getting the necessary treatment. Working with HR, Swift Recovery Solutions will take the burden off you or your loved one, giving you the confidence to start down the path of better happier lifestyle.


Your Health Insurance

Our experts walk you through understanding the complexities of your health insurance, including:

• Deductible, Out of Pocket Costs, Medications, In network vs. out of network, policy limits and exclusions.

• The financial burden associated with going to treatment can be daunting. Swift Recovery Solutions has sponsors and scholarships available to assist in covering the individuals portion of treatment expense’s.


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