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Swift Recovery Solutions – Your “Glue” When Employees Need Help for Addiction

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HR Director

If you’re an insurance broker or a human resources professional, then your job is quite difficult. You need to have an immediate and innate grasp of an entire body of industry-specific jargon, and you need to be able to not only explain the concepts behind that jargon to everyday people, but also to apply that jargon to serious situations. When you find out that a policyholder or an employee at your company needs help for addiction and/or mental health treatment, your job becomes quite challenging for obvious reasons.

One of those reasons is that in many situations, your proverbial hands are tied. When you need to make sure that you comply with federal laws like HIPAA and you only have a limited number of outlets available for the type of help that someone in one or both of these difficult positions needs, there’s only so much you can do. Basically, too many professionals are forced to simply tell the person who needs help for addiction and/or mental health treatment to contact a preformed list of facilities and figure out insurance coverage from there on their own.

That leads to a few serious problems:

  1. Recidivism/Non-treatment

Those who need addiction help or mental health treatment do not fall into cut-and-dried categories. These are not situations where a cookie-cutter approach will prove to be effective. Relevant statistics bear that out. According to DrugAbuse.gov, anywhere between 40 and 60 percent of people who receive treatment for addiction suffer a relapse. According to MentalHealthFirstAid.org, only 41 percent of Americans who had a mental health disorder in the previous year even received treatment at all.

  1. Ongoing and Rising Costs

While it seems cold to discuss financial considerations when it comes to people who need help for addiction and/or mental health treatment, the bottom line remains the bottom line. With approximately half of all people receiving treatment for addiction likely needing it again and so many people with mental health issues languishing without the help they need only to encounter other medical problems, costs for insurance companies are extremely high when it comes to these situations.

  1. Risks

Whenever an employee or policyholder reaches out because he or she has any sort of medical problem, whether it’s physical or mental in nature, several federal laws – and many state statutes as well depending on the jurisdiction involved – attach to the situation. This can create quite a bit of stress for an insurance professional or an HR director as the problem continues to move towards the inevitable time when it comes to a head. One mistake can lead to exposure to legal and financial liability that creates and entirely different set of problems.

One Phone Number Removes All of Your Concerns

It’s precisely in these situations where Swift Recovery Solutions comes to the rescue. As mentioned above, there are a lot of pieces to this complicated and risky puzzle. We are the glue that brings it all together. We’re going to address each of the real concerns previously mentioned below so that you can look forward to better results on every front:

  1. Recidivism/Non-treatment

One of the biggest problems when it comes to people who need help for addiction and/or mental health treatment is that no two people and their problems are ever exactly alike. Someone needs to take the time to speak to that person and to find out exactly what’s happening and what could be wrong. Swift Recovery Solutions has an entire team of experienced mental health and addiction professionals who will be able to get a feel for what’s happening, what needs to be done and where a person suffering would most likely achieve success with treatment. We work with a plethora of respected facilities and will refer someone to the one that gives them the best chance for recovery. We don’t work from a preformed list. This obviously helps with recidivism rates and it will help people who may not otherwise have received treatment get the help they need.

  1. Ongoing and Rising Costs

Obviously, if someone who needs addiction help gets personalized help designed specifically for his or her problem, that person’s chances for success skyrocket. If the treatment proves to be effective, that person will be less likely to need additional treatment in the future. The same concept applies to people who suffer from mental health challenges. The less treatment they need, the lower the costs associated with covering that policyholder. Not only will getting the right treatment help with the problems at hand, but it will also prevent future medical problems that relate to the initial difficulties from arising.

  1. Risks

If someone comes to you and admits that he or she may need addiction help or mental health analysis, you would basically be able to avoid the risks mentioned above if you simply have that person contact Swift Recovery Solutions. We are fully HIPAA-compliant, and when a person speaks to us and explains their situation, we take on all the risks of finding that person the right kind of help and protecting that person’s information. Your risk is all but removed.

You Have Nothing to Lose and Much to Gain

Overall, people are suffering from addiction problems and mental health problems in numbers that are much higher than they have been in the recent past for several reasons. It should be clear to anyone in the insurance industry or who works in HR that more and more people are going to require addiction help and/or mental health treatment in the months and years to come. You need a group of professionals who can take these troubling situations off of your hands and see them through to successful resolution.

How Swift Recovery Solutions Can Help

Swift Recovery Solutions was built to supplement HR departments, EAP, and insurance brokers to deal with mental and behavioral health issues that employees may be dealing with. The employees will get access to professional advice from experienced Swift Recovery Solutions employees to come up with the best answer available for their situation. Direct contact with health care professionals takes the liability and unknown work off the hands of Brokers, EAP and Human Resources. Swift Recovery Solutions can immediately assess and process employees or their loved one’s treatment needs instantly.

We’re ready to help those who need it, and that includes those who need treatment and those who at this point are charged with helping them find that help. We’ll not only find that help, but we’ll work to make sure that the help they get makes a difference. Contact us today to find out how we can improve this situation for you immediately.




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