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When a member of the family is suffering there isn’t anything the loved one wouldn’t do to help resolve the issue. There is nothing tougher than not knowing who to turn to when a loved one is struggling. Swift Recovery Solutions understands and is here to help. Our behavioral health specialists have the necessary experience to get results. Combining education and community our unique process is part of what makes us different. Swift Recovery Solutions goal of rebuilding the family ensures a strong foundation in recovery.

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Swift Recovery Solutions provides access to a digital library to help educate those that suffer and the family members. First step towards recovery is identifying and understanding the issue. Additionally, our behavioral health specialist are available to answer and address every thinkable scenario. Most importantly we keep all communications confidential ensuring a safe space allowing for open and honest discussion.



We find commonly family members are the first to reach out for the struggling loved one. By working with the family member, we can overcome many of the initial hurtles. Understanding key information and working through some basic logistics we can formulate a plan of action. Together with the family Swift Recovery Solutions will execute that plan helping reduce unnecessary stress and worry.

Swift Recovery Solutions

Loved One Scenarios

If a family member or loved one is struggling with behavioral health, don't let them struggle alone – partner with Swift Recovery Solutions today!


At Swift Recovery Solutions we take care of the logistics so you or your loved one can have the best chance at recovery!

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Digital Content Library

The advantage of Swift Recovery Solutions is our digital content library. The purpose of the library is to improve understanding and provide guidance when dealing with behavioral health. New articles are consistently being added, giving the user the ability to self-educate. We believe the key to reducing the stigma associated with substance abuse and mental health is better education.

Professional Consultation

In most cases getting someone on the phone can make a world of difference. When someone calls in one of our dedicated professionals will complete a free consultation. Along with understanding the situation, the team member can confirm and complete a benefits analysis. Swift Recovery Solutions also provides access to industry professionals like doctors, therapists and nurses.

Intervention Needs

Certain situations escalate that require additional assistance, when occasions like this arise Swift Recovery Solutions coordinates with an interventionist. Working together in the best interest of the person struggling any conflict can be resolved. No matter how the decision gets made, treatment and recovery options is what we excel at. Whether inpatient or outpatient, Swift Recovery Solutions knows it can match you with the appropriate center for your needs.


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