Employer Benefits


Swift Recovery Solutions’ main purpose is to reduce the burden on your current Human Resources department and/or Employee Assistance Program. By implementing our nurturing platform, we seamlessly engage with the employees to help them deal with potential issues before they become a larger issue in your company. Being off-site and HIPAA compliant, we provide a safe space for employees to work through personal or at-home issues. Lastly, the services can be easily integrated and come at no cost to the employer or to the employee.

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Swift Recovery Solutions can offer several ways to onboard and activate employees. We can work directly with your Human Resources department or we can engage the employees independently. We offer multiple solutions for onboarding such as email, health fairs, or seminars.



Swift Recovery Solutions has a network of vetted providers that offer both inpatient and outpatient programs. These facilities are state licensed and are nationally accredited, providing services that meet the needs of each individual. We also include access to behavioral health professionals to answer and address questions or concerns for those not yet ready for treatment.

Swift Recovery Solutions

HR Scenarios

If your employees are struggling, don’t let them struggle alone – partner with Swift Recovery Solutions today!


At Swift Recovery Solutions we take care of the logistics so you or your loved one can have the best chance at recovery!

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Trained Health Specialists

Swift Recovery Solutions employs highly trained behavioral health specialists. Our licensed staff, working hand in hand with your employees and their loved ones, will offer access to our network of vetted facilities and assist them through the process of getting help. Our community of healthcare professionals are available to be a part of the solution.

Comprehensive Digital Library

A comprehensive digital library is available to anyone interested in understanding more about mental health or substance abuse. Content and articles are continuously being added while the information is written specifically for Swift Recovery Solutions members. We believe that by helping educate, we can reduce the stigma society places on those who struggle with mental health or substance abuse.

First Steps to Recovery

Intervention services are also a part of the program implemented by Swift Recovery Solutions. Too frequently, family members are being held hostage emotionally by loved ones who are unwilling to take the first step towards recovery. We work with professionals who safely and adequately help resolve these types of high-tension situations.


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